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Yes, Black Lives Matter!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

are in crisis—our community, our country and its institutions—under attack by a common enemy: extremist racial hatred. The recent murder of George Floyd has (once again) shocked our collective consciousness. This time, however, it has succeeded in unifying the nation against anti-black racism, brutality, and terrorism. We saw as much in the thousands of people who marched through (the primarily Black and Brown area of) Midtown this past Wednesday. After praying together for unity and justice in front of the church, they marched on—peacefully—under threat of a rain that never materialized…A show of good faith, eventually blessed by a rainbow.

While hWeopeful of the (long overdue) policy changes which will result from this (completely preventable) loss of life we, like many, wonder about the moral decay which led to the taking of George Floyd’s life? What makes one human being ignore another human being who, while dying, is pleading for help? What makes a person who, after harming another, pushes away the extended helping hand of another? What makes the completely obvious statement—'Black Lives Matter’—illicit more fear and anger in certain people than the murder of nine innocent churchgoers at the hands of an armed terrorist? Who are these people—and who are those that tolerate them?

Going forward, while holding those responsible accountable and making necessary policy change, we must also address the system which devalues human life based on immutable characteristics—or economic condition...It is our responsibility, as good people, to start living our faith AND support others doing the same—on the job, or off—alone or in a crowd…All. Of. The. Time.

Then, and only then, will things truly change…

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