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We "Lifted Our Voices" in Harmony

Rev. Mary Shelley-Bruce greets parishoners and attendees

Hearing the sound of the African-American National Anthem—“Lift Every Voice and Sing”—carried through the church sanctuary was inspiring! Brothers and Sisters from many different congregations all coming to this historic church (the home church for many families within Ulster County’s African-American community) to join in song. We honored the AME Zion’s tradition as being the “Freedom Church”, integral to the abolitionist movement and home to Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglass.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and to the gifted singers: Sister Marena Clunie, Reverend Evelyn Clarke, Sister Terrie Gittens, Brother William Dixon, Lady Ann Parker, Evangelist Sallie Robinson, and Sister Belinda who all made this an extraordinary celebration of our Lord!

Thank you to the following churches for attending: New Progressive Baptist, St. Marks AME, New Central Baptist, New Jerusalem, Christ Everlasting Fire & Deliverance, St. Paul AME Zion, Christ Ministries Baptist, and New Testament Church of Jesus Christ.

And special thank you to our Presiding Elder Isidoa and First Lady Susan Branch who came to visit the congregation; Elder Melvin Edwards and the James family, who prepared the wonderful dinner and reception enjoyed by all, Deaconess Teri Smith-Tyler who read the Scripture, and Albert Pope who managed the sound for the entire concert!

It was beautiful—a family reunion in the name of Christ, Our Lord (and a reminder that, despite having many branches, we are all part of One Family Tree).

All Glory to God. It is because of HIM that we can!

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