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We Celebrate the Life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we simultaneously celebrate the life's work of Dr. King, and clear pathways after the storm, let us remember that God is our strength (and we are the evidence). #Romans8: 1-39

"The dark side of the picture appears to make the future

bleak, if not hopeless. Yet something says this is not true. Back

on the coasts of Africa, mothers fought slave traders fiercely

to save their children. They oƒered their bodies to slavers if

they would leave the children behind. On some slave ships

that are known, and many that will never be known, manacled

Negroes crawled from the holds and fought unarmed

against guns and knives. On slave plantations parents fought,

stole, sacrificed and died for their families.

After liberation countless mothers wandered over roadless states looking

for children who had been taken from them and sold. And

finally, in the past decade mothers, fathers and their children

have marched together against clubs, guns, cattle prods and

mobs, not for conquest but only to be allowed to live as humans.

The Negro was crushed, battered and brutalized, but

he never gave up.

He proves again that life is stronger than


The Negro family is scarred; it is submerged; but it

struggles to survive."--Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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