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It's been a busy few months...

There's been so much happening in such a short time, it's amazing!

First, we were blessed to get word of our Pastor, Rev. Mary Shelley-Bruce was reappointed for another term. Very thankful to our Bishop Dennis V. Proctor and our Presiding Elder Isidoa Branch!

Next, we were visited by Congressman Antonio Delgado, members of Kingston Tenants Union, Radio Kingston, and a plethora of community-members—elected officials, activists, tenants and homeowners—who attended, listened, and asked relevant questions about affordable housing (in a directly-impacted community). Everyday the Church is on the front lines of helping those in crisis. There are people—members of our own community—who are struggling to stay housed, currently unhoused, underfed, and without a voice. They need both representation AND a seat at the table. In an affluent society, nobody should need shelter in the shadow of a vacant house, or be hungry steps away from an abundant table…

It was inspiring to see so many caring individuals speaking to this.

Finally, Rev. Bruce celebrated another birthday--and was greeted with many well-wishes and congratulations!

It's been an amazingly busy few months--and, in between, the congregation came together, painted the church hall and made completed some repairs--reminders that, with God, all things are possible!

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