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A.M.E Zion of Kingston at 3rd Quarter Checkup--Meets Bishop Proctor!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

NEW WINDSOR (4/6/2019)- We were blessed to attend the 3rd Quarter Check-up, held at the beautiful Anthony's Pier 9, and meet in fellowship with our sister churches! It was a bright, sunny and (most importantly) WARM spring day and (it pleases us to say) the event was VERY well-attended. We met with Presiding Elder Isidoa Branch and spoke with Reverend Holmes. The speakers, Reverend Pogue, Presiding Elder Branch, and Bishop Dennis V. Proctor, inspired all those gathered, and an Elder (who had been a member of the same Church in Harlem for 70 years) gave testimony of the importance of supporting each other, young and old. Everyone then joined together to thank Bishop Dennis V. Proctor for his leadership (and wonderful representation of the Church) at the 2019 National Action Network (NAN) Conference in New York City! We then gathered for the Luncheon to celebrate First Lady, Mrs. D.Diane Proctor!

After speaking, the Bishop was kind enough to take a picture with our delegation! Which, needless to say, put a smile one everyone's faces (see below)....

3rd Quarter Checkup Group Picture
(l-r) Deaconess T. Smith, Reverend M. Bruce, Sis. R. Tyler, Bishop Dennis V. Proctor, Sis. T. Gittens, Sis. M. Tyler

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