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Thanksgiving 2022

Rather than a long, convoluted post about what Thanksgiving means to us, we’d like to simply give thanks for you.

We’re not sure who you are, if we’ve met (or ever will meet). Rather we are thankful for you because your life matters.

As a reminder your life matters whether you are:

Living in a house.

Living in an apartment.

Living in permanent housing.

Living in temporary housing.

Living in a shelter.

Living in a car.

Living on the streets.

Possessing certain immutable characteristics.

Absent certain immutable characteristics.


Not wealthy.

Perceived as deserving.

Perceived as undeserving.

FYI, if you are doing well, remember those that are not. If you aren’t doing well, remember that change is the only constant (and things DO get better).

Moreso, this Thanksgiving, resolve to see the divinity in yourself and each other—and then extend that same grace 364 days until the next.

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