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A.M.E. Zion of Kingston's Autumn Calendar (& More)!

As we enjoy this Autumn season (difficult to believe how time has flown by),we at the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church of Kingston would like toinvite you to participate in a survey!

We are curious as to how the church can help the community during this time of great transition?!

We realize that you, like so many, are dealing with loss and worries (financial and spiritual)--which is why developing a relationship with God (and your local house of worship) is so important.

On that note, it's also important that your local house of worship is there for YOU. We need to listen and develop a plan to help our neighborhood and neighbors! If you would commit to just just three things:

(1) Starting November 3rd, please attend a virtual worship service at least once per month (though you're welcome every Sunday, if you like).

(2) We have a bi-monthly food pantry, please come by if you need or drop-off a donation.

(Spring/Summer Hours: Wednesdays from 4pm-6pm; Falll/Winter: Saturdays, 12pm-2pm)

(3 ) Please share with us what your needs are (below is the Google survey):

Again, we thank you in advance for your continued support and may God's Blessing be upon you!

For Worship Service (virtual) Zoom Invite, please contact:

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